The 30-minute documentary features Adnan “Frenkie” Hamidovic, a hip-hop artist from the Bosnian town of Bijeljina who uses his songs to tackle thorny issues of reconciliation, and Milan Colic, a peace activist from Serbia.

The pair explore their concerns about the nationalism that still exists among young people in the region, two decades after the war.

A shorter version of this film was posted on YouTube last year and has had more than 47,000 views so far.

The film was inspired by A Letter, a ten-minute documentary.

Commenting on the hundreds of responses posted on his Facebook page by young Bosnians after seeing A Letter, Hamidovic said, “I saw many comments from young people from Trebinje [in RS] who wrote, ‘Come to Trebinje, no one will harm you, the coffee is on me.’ I found such comments really cool and they made me very happy. I’ve realised that there are young people who are willing to talk about what happened in the past.”

Hamidovic added that “it’s a big success when an artist triggers positive reactions and makes people think. We have to fight negative trends and divisions in our country.”