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I was born on 3 may, 1990. in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Surviving siege of Sarajevo, 92-95 was a dark time but I found my piece of light by shooting with an old cam - first stop motion short videos with LEGO. That's how passion was born for filmmaking. Finished and graduated VISUAL ARTS in Sarajevo. Another star in my life -I was working on set of Emir Kusturica's movie "On milky way" .  



- "SFK state"

- "The border",

- "85 seconds",

- "The letter". 

- "Clouds don’t differentiate",

- "Trails",

- "Both aggressor and victim",

- "There is something about Srebrenica..",

- "Life After Death",

- "A Dutch woman"

- "Return nišići",

- "Return baljvine",

- "What God is in Heaven, the Godfather is on Earth",

- "Prison camp detainees",

- "Mamma",

- "The veterans" 

- "The righteous person of the world" 

- "Elvis",

- "The mission",

- "The forgotten",

- "Godfathers",

- "Not separated" 

- "Friends",

- "Bracika" 

- "Forever pals",

- "Asik"  

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