There are endless lists of analysis that define situation at the Balkans as area with failed states, countries with very strong if not dominating radical nationalism, with economy dominated by tycoons who earned their wealth in an illegal way, corruption that became a way of life, ethnic hatred in the media. Citizens at the Balkans still behave  rather as members of ethnic groups than as citizens.


There are three education systems in place only in Bosnia. Consequently, new generation of youngsters have been provided with just one (ethnic) side of the story, the roots for the new conflicts have been created. Those who love somebody from different ethnic groups have been considered as heroes. The system educate them to hate  and not to be a tolerant, moderate individuals. Their neighbors are rather enemies than friends if they are from different ethnic groups.


Reconciliation as a post war goal is in place on the surface only, the process has been missing for years, democracy institutions do not serve “demos”. Global rankings of Balkans countries (World Press Freedom Index, Freedom of Press Index and Democracy index), are still, 20 years after the war, very law. (Global Rankings in 2013: Western Balkans).

Media forge this situation.


Director and RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY are approaching these topics from a little bit different perspective and move toward new level of addressing ethnic hatred among young people. RFE/RL do have credibility at the Balkans as a non-biased media outlet and it is perfectly positioned to address the issue of hatred and biased media editorial policy.

The project PERSPEKTIVA takes the audience out of routine. The goal is to crush the wall that education system and media have been developed between young people of various ethnic groups. We want to give them chance to hear each other, to agree and disagree  by facing each other. The project addresses the hot topics, the ones that these young people tend to avoid. The project does not address the topic in a finite manner. It continues after the post project conclusion.

We want to address the issue of ethnic hatred above on all on TV as the strongest platform but followed by social network, Internet and radio. This means that the life of the topic selected would start earlier than launched on TV and continue after TV broadcast.


PERSPEKTIVA is broadcasting on 40 TV stations in the region. Discussion is placed on RFE/RL Internet page and through RFE/RL social network accounts.



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